Review of 2012: A Year of Opportunities

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2012 has been such  a good year for me so I feel extremely lucky and happy. It was a year of beginnings, surprises, and opportunities. Here are the amazing things that happened in 2012:

1-Finishing my thesis with a focus on online communities of practice  and receiving an MA in ELT  from Middle East Technical University was definitely one of the hightlights of 2012. I struggled a lot for the MA degree for a long  time while working full time at private institutions and it took a long of time because  my university was at a different city. I would like to thank everyone for having supported me during my MA studies.

2- Having our article with Vance Stevens published was the second achievement of 2012. We worked on the article in 2011 for three months and waited a long time to have it published in a refereed journal.

3-Working as a teacher trainer at Pilgrims Teacher Training in summer and contributing to the development of educational technology courses was also an unforgettable experience. I learned so much from it and made a lot of new friends from different parts of the world. I am going to work there in August as a trainer again which really excites me alot.

4- Presenting at IATEFL and various ELT conferences and attending many talks of educators from all around the world was also very fantastic. I feel so lucky to have that opportunity to exchange ideas with like minded colleagues and benefiting from their insights. I am going to present at IATEFL  again  along with TESOL Greece Annual Convention in 2013.

5- Starting blogging after having quitted it for two years was also unforgettable. Although I didn’t write many posts, I feel that I am back to life and contribute to the blogosphere by my posts.

So, 2012 was a fabulous year and I hope 2013 brings better opportunuties and more interaction with my colleagues and PLN. There are a lot of projects, articles, and presentations I am working on right now . Stay tuned! ;)

Here are my new year’s resolutions:

1-I would like to read books, articles, and  blog posts.

2-I want to do more research, blog, and curate more.

3- Learning a new foreign language is among my plans.

4-If I have enough time, I want to attend a photography course.

l am not sure whether I can do them all at the same time but  I will do my best.

I hope 2013 brings my readers happiness, health, and inspiration.

Happy 2013! :)





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  1.   hilal Says:

    congrats tweetycim:)) i am sure it will be another good year…with love


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