Baby Steps into Mobile Learning

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ID-10082606Mobile learning is a trending topic in the field of elearning. It is a term referring to learning from anywhere by using mobile devices (tablets and mobile phones). Since more and more devices are available in the market, many educators are experimenting with this concept to make learning more appealing to their learners and ease learning process without losing data.

As I  mentioned earlier, I had always wondered what it is to be a mobile learner. While taking an online course, I experimented with it a little bit but I think it is time for me to test mobile applications with my learners to see its effectiveness and provide them with better opportunities.

There are lots of available applications but we as educators have challenges such as time and specific needs of students.  Therefore, the apps to be used vary from institution to institution sometimes from class to class. It is more convenient to begin with one or two apps in order not to confuse them. Taking their needs into consideration, I introduced evernote and they came up with ways of using it.

Last Friday while revising what we have learned so far, we talked about ways to practise and revise newly learned items.  Taking their needs into consideration, I introduced evernote to my students and they came up with ways to use it.

 Evernote is an online tool allowing users to take notes and add photos, videos, and other visuals or recordings into their posts. They can also organize their notes and use them as e-portfolios.It is possible to share the notes with other people and encourage collaboration. It is also nice that they can access their notes both from their laptops and mobile devices as long as they are connected.

We decided to use evernote for note taking, grammar revision, and as a collocation notebook. My students are also going to store their portfolios online by using it since it is possible to lose the feedback they receive to their tasks. I will share one example in my next post.

Have you used evernote with your students? I look forward to your comments and insights.

Stay connected & mobile!

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