Review of 2013 – A year of shifts

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I think I am late for writing my reflections on 2013 but it is better late than never!  :)

Like 2012,  2013 was a good year so I feel extremely happy. It was a year of new experiences, interactions, and innovative ideas. I presented at two international conferences (IATEFL, and TESOL Greece)  along with some really nice conferences in Turkey and  had the chance to interact with like minded colleagues. The last nice achievement of 2013 was receiving the CERTICT certificate from Trinity College after attending a really long online course. In addition, I started delivering ICT workshops at my institution. I am going to continue delivering these sessions in 2014, too! ;)

To be honest, I was not able to keep my resolutions for 2013 but I still think that I succeeded in some of them. I am not a fluent speaker of a new language but I managed to learn some Greek and Persian from three of my colleagues (Ioannis, Eirini and Khosro). I even had the chance to practise my Greek in Greece with two of my dear Greek friends Sophia  and Vicky.  I wouId like to thank them all for their patience and their constructive feedback. I also had to chance to read really nice blog posts and articles and carry out a research project on lurking which is now being turned into an article to be published soon. I am sorry that I was not able to attend a photography course but I learned some nice tips from successful photographers.

Of course, I have  resolutions for 2014. Here are some of them.

1-  I would like to focus on mobile learning and  discover how apps can be incorporated into language teaching.  I had the chance to explore evernote,quizlet,  animoto, and todaysmeet with my students and benefited a great deal from them. I am hungry for new apps and their innovative uses!;)

2- I am planning to experience what is it like to be a learner in a MOOC. MOOCs have really been popular in 2013 but I was not able to experience any of them. I am sure that they have a great potential for learning since they provide flexibility.

3- I am planning to finish my unfinished articles on teacher development.

4-Learning another language and improving the ones I am learning are among my resolutions. In fact, I want to learn Spanish. Therefore, if I have time, I will definitely focus on it.

2013 was a a good year and I hope 2014 will be much better.

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2 Responses to “Review of 2013 – A year of shifts”

  1.   Vicky Loras Says:

    Dear Beyza,

    It was lovely reading your 2013 overview! Lots of great moments for you, and thank you so much for the mention – you are amazing in your Greek learning! I hope 2014 is even more awesome and hope to see you soon!


    •   beyzayilmaz Says:

      Vickaki Mou,

      I would really like to thank you for practising Greek with me. I hope to see you soon. Epharisto poli!

      Filakia ;)


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