App Review: Using Blipfoto for Creating Photo Journals

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As you might have noticed from my tweets, I am getting addicted to a new tool named  blipfoto. I came across with it when I noticed Aybike Oğuz‘s tweet directing me to her blipfoto page. I would like to thank her for making me discover this tool. When I first started using it, I had not thought that it would be used for educational purposes. As I got more familiar to it, I realized that it can have some implications for classroom teaching, too.

As educators, we all know that our students are getting used to digital environments more and more and therefore we need to find ways to utilize such tools for educational purposes. It is also nice that these tools provide learners with more options for production. They are also getting obsessed with photo sharing and writing captions on instagram, facebook, and twitter. This made me think that it might be possible to use blipfoto with my students in the future.


What is it?

Blipfoto is a kind of photo journal, enabling users to share one photo everyday and share their opinions. It has a mobile application but if you do not have mobile devices, you can use computers for uploading your photos and describing them. It is  possible to follow other people and form networks  to people sharing similar interests on it. You can also comment on photos and interact with people commenting on your photos. The descriptions can be edited later.   Here is a screenshot of my latest entry:


Some Classroom Ideas

It is very nice that each student can come up with a different photo journal which means that the descriptions of photos will  not be identical which can make students more interested in the posts of their classmate which can be good for personalizing their learning process.

1-In lower levels, students can be asked to share one photo everyday and find captions for them. This can lead them to learn more words since they will need specific words for the captions. Alternatively,  they can write one sentence under every photo for describing them.

2-In higher levels, you can decide on a specific word limit and ask your students to upload a picture on blipfoto and write a descriptive paragraph.

3- You can ask your students to follow each other and leave comments under their posts. This can initiate some kind of interaction between students.

4- Your students can also find people having similar interests and subscribe to their journals.

Since today’s learners are obsessed with photo sharing I believe that it can be a good option for motivating them and showing them that they can use mobile devices for their learning.

Do you think that you can use blipfoto with your students?  I look very forward to sharing ideas.

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2 Responses to “App Review: Using Blipfoto for Creating Photo Journals”

  1.   Aybike Says:

    Great post Beyza! I’m planning to use it next year in our storytelling unit with the title of What is My Story of The Day? As Dr. Who says, we are all stories in the end, just make it a good one:)


    •   beyzayilmaz Says:

      Thank you, Aybike! It is a great idea to use it as a part of a storytelling project. It’s also right that we all have different stories so sharing them will give us the opportunity to see the diversities in our lives :)


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